Marble is a metamorphic rock, compact and crystalline used for construction and decoration. It reaches the consistency we know today, only at the end of a long process of transformation from the original limestone that in not-too-deep marine environments is enriched by fossils and their typical shades.
The displacements of the terrestrial crust let the marble emerge up close to the surface, from where it can be extracted. The existence of numerous types of marble, of various color shades and veins is due to the variability of the process, enriched by "impurities" of different natures such as clay, sand, iron oxides, flint nodules that changed depending on the area of origin.
The following is only a selection of the finest marble coming from all over the world that we use for interior and external furnishings , for the creation of artefacts, sculptures, works of art, architectural structures. Colors, grains, consistence and beauty, make our works unique and exclusive .

The granites are extremely resistant stones formed by viscous magma at great depths. Composed of adjacent "grains" , with sharp-cornered shapes and with a mostly siliceous composition. The colors are not homogeneous and the crystals can be pink, white, black and transparent, of rough and cold surface, due to the crystal facets.
The granites are used in construction mainly for flooring and for monumental works.
Here is a selection of the granites processed by us, ideal for residential use for internal and external, floorings and stairs, for cooktops and bathroom tops, thanks to their durability and aesthetic pleasantness.

Quartzite is a type of metamorphic rock composed almost exclusively of quartz. It derives from the dismantling the subsequent metamorphic passage of quartz-arenites.
Natural stone characterized by many color shades that make it a valuable material, perfectly suited for any type of use.
Quartz is a compact and durable material that is ideal for various works. It is very tough and impact-resistant, suitable both in areas with intense traffic and in domestic environment. Because of its low power consumption, ease of cleaning and low maintenance costs, it is recommended for environments like bathrooms and the kitchens.
The quartzites, for their tactile and aesthetic qualities become natural to touch. The variety of colors makes them particularly attractive to the world of design.
Here is a selection of quartzites at our disposal, ideal for outdoor interiors, in an urban, rustic and rural context.

Travertine is a sedimentary, porous limestone rock widely used in construction.
The travertine vary in colors, from white to beige-silver, from yellow to red, up to dark walnut. Their workability is decent: the surface can be smoothed, polished, brushed and sandblasted.
Compactness, toughness and elasticity, however, are technical features that make travertine the material suitable for a variety of uses in the construction sector.
Here is a selection of travertines usable for floors and walls, both external and internal and, in some cases, perfect for sculptures. The modern processing methods have exalted the aesthetic quality of the material that becomes more and more often preferred by architects.

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony zoned, where the layers are clearly distinct. True onyx has siliceous nature.
Onyx Marbles much more common and in varied colors are alabasters limestone made up of calcium carbonate.
These stones are considered high-quality ones, used for coatings and decorative luxury ornamental elements
They can be white opal or colored yellow, green, red, light or dark brown and sometimes blood-red colored.
Material of great beauty is used for both internal and external great value decoration. Their inner quality of being backlighting means they are known as the most precious stones used in interior design.
Here is a photo gallery of onyx we deal.

The precious material is composed of many stones, including quartz, amethyst, fossil wood and fossils in general.
They are slabs with gems and colored stones. They are unique pieces donating the right charm, beauty and exclusivity to many environments.
These rocks give unique chromatic suggestions and decorate spaces with truly original effects.
The result of each slab is a unique masterpiece of its kind, given to us by Nature.
We have a wide range of valuable building. This material is only for internal use, because it can be affected by sudden changes in temperature and by high sources of heat proximity.

The stone is a rock with a big resistance to the erosion process. The word "stone" usually refers to materials whose features are different from other groups.
Usually less polishable because they're softer than others. Among them are the sandstones are noteworthy, the slates and, in general, the sedimentary rocks. It is suitable mainly for internal use but some stones in proper thicks are also great for outdoor use.
Natural stones preserve a timeless beauty. Selected materials from Italy and from all over the world make the rooms exclusive creating beautiful and stylish atmosphere.
To decorate with style and create striking effects.
We select and propose different natural stones such as lava stone, the basaltine, Trani stone, the Lecce stone, slate and many other.